How To Become a Medical Assistant Right Out of High School


If you are wanting to know, how to become a medical assistant, you have to first decide if it will be a good career fit for you. For most people, it’s hard to know what you want to do right out of high school. Spend some time learning about being a Medical Assistant and decide if it’s right for you.

If you decide that it would be a good fit for you, then choosing a career as a Medical Assistant is optimal because the healthcare industry is one of the only industries growing in this economy.  It is expected to keep growing at high rates. The industry is growing due to our lifespan increasing and having more elderly in our society. Working as a Medical Assistant, you will have to interact with people everyday so it’s a good fit for someone that likes to socialize and help others.

There are several paths to becoming a Medical Assistant. Most community colleges have a program for it. It is also a popular vocational program so you can check with your high school or search the web for vocational schools in your state. There are tests you can take to be Certified as a Medical Assistant. It is recommended that you get certified to increase your job prospects and salary.

How To Become a Medical Assistant | Steps to Follow

  1. First, you should look for schools that have Medical Assistant programs in your area. You can ask your high school, search the web for colleges and look for federal workforce programs. Federal workforce programs help to get you ready for a career. Most get federal grants to offer free vocational training. Medical Assistant positions are in demand in most states so most states offer the training for free. In order to qualify, you have to be unemployed and looking for work.
  2. Once you find a school to attend, you need to make sure it’s an accredited medical assisting program. The CCAAHEP or accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools and the ABHES, Allied Health Education Programs determine if a school is accredited or not. As long as you complete a course at an accredited school, you will be allowed to take the Certified Medical Assistant exam of CMA.
  3. The CMA exam is offered three times a year in January, June and October. It’s best to try and plan your graduate date soon before a testing session so everything is fresh on your mind. Even after completing the course, you will want to look at study resources for the exam. There are also books you can get for it.

How To Become A Medical Assistant | Is it the right choice for you?

Becoming a Medical Assistant does not take very long. Most programs last six months to a year. If you think it would be a good fit for you and you think you have the personality to work with people it is an excellent choice for a career.

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