What does a Medical Assistant Do in a Hospital?

what does a medical assistant do in a hospital?So, What Does a Medical Assistant Do in a hospital? Medical Assistants can have many different duties in a hospital. Medical Assistants perform both administrative tasks as well as clinical skills.  Medical Assistant administrative tasks usually include greeting patients, answering the phones, patient record maintenance, medical insurance billing, patient billing and much more. Medical Assistant clinical tasks are usually taking vital signs, getting patients ready for examinations, assisting the doctors during procedures, giving shots and running some basic lab tests. Medical Assistant duties are pretty much the same in doctor’s offices, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do In a Hospital | Employment Outlook

Employment outlook as a Medical Assistant is at all time high. It is expected to grow 34% in the next decade so it is an easy field to find a job in. The need for medical assistants is growing due to our life spans increasing and more people are becoming seniors.

Estimated Salary:

Like most careers, earnings vary depending on your experience. In 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the median wage for Medical Assistants to be $28,300.

Advancement Opportunities:

Many Medical Assistants wind up advancing in their career. Common advancement positions are office managerial positions and administrative positions. Also, many Medical Assistants go to continue their education and become nurses or other careers in the medical field.

What kinds of Courses Will I Take:

There are differences between Medical Assistant programs but most will have similar courses. Usually, there will be a class on medical terminology first to get you acclimated to medical terms. Next, you usually take courses on Medical Office Management and Medical Billing. After you are finished with the administrative courses, you will start taking clinical courses. Clinical courses include diagnostic procedures, clinical medical assistant courses and several phlebotomy courses.