Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistant ProgramsThere are several different types of Medical Assistant Programs. There are vocational programs in which you learn the skills needed to be a Medical Assistant but do not receive any college credit. There are also community college programs where you can either complete training and earn a certificate (No College Credit) or earn an associate’s degree (College Credit). In addition, some hospitals and care centers will have an on the job training program if they are short staffed. We will discuss all of these different options.

Medical Assistant Programs | Vocational Programs

Vocational Medical Assistant programs are a great way to get trained to be a medical assistant in the shortest amount of time. Most vocational programs last one year or less. These programs usually consist of 6 months of classroom learning, followed up by 6 months of laboratory experience.

Many high schools will offer a Medical Assistant program for high school juniors and seniors to prepare them for a career. If you fall into this age group, look into your high school vocational offerings. You may be able to get the training for free, if your high school does have this program.

If you are out of high school or have your GED, you can still look for vocational programs. Many states such as New York have statewide vocational schools. The cost of the programs is usually minor and most states have programs setup to let you take out loans or get financial aid.

Medical Assistant Programs | Community Colleges

Most community colleges have Medical Assistant Programs. Usually, these programs have two options. The first option is the quick path, in which you can get your Medical Assistant certificate in one year. The second option is usually an Associate’s degree that will take two years but give you college credit.

The first option, the one year Medical Assistant certificate, is usually the same as a vocational program. You will have a variety of classroom learning and hands on laboratory learning. This program is geared towards teaching everything you will need to know once you are on the job.

If you think you will want to go school in the future or may want to be a nurse, I’d recommend going with the Associate’s program. Having an associate’s degree will put you above other entry-level applicants that just have a certificate. Having a degree and an extra year of knowledge will also help with getting promotions. Usually, in the associate’s program, you will do class room learning for 2-3 semesters and hands on laboratory training for 1-2 semesters.

However, if you don’t plan on going to college in the future, there are plenty of Medical Assistant job openings and you should have no problems finding a job with just the certificate.

Since most colleges have a career center, you may be provided with job placement assistance with either option. In fact, this career is in so much demand, you may have companies visiting your school prior to graduation to try and persuade you to work with them.

Medical Assistant ProgramsMedical Assistant Programs | On the Job Training

Since Medical Assistants are in demand, some hospitals and organizations will hire Medical Assistants without any experience. Usually, if you are hired this way, you will undergo a 1-2 month quick training program. You may get a certificate for completing the program but it is only valid for that employer. You can describe your experience and training when you look for another job but usually you can’t list it as education. If you go this option, you will most likely make less money. However, if you are planning on staying with the company, then it will be beneficial because experience on the job will help you out when finding your next job. The next employer is likely to overlook your lack of education as long as you have a two plus years of experience on the job.

Medical Assistant Programs | Which Path is Best?

If you’re wondering which path is best, it is really up to you and your personal goals. If you need to get into a position fast and don’t mind staying with the same company for several years, on the job training may be best for you.

If you want to get trained quickly but still have education to get a better job offer, then a vocational program or certificate program may be best for you.

If you think you will want to continue with college or your goals are to work as a Medical Assistant for awhile and then become a nurse, getting your Associate’s degree may be the best path for you.

Finding Accredited Medical Assistant Programs

Finding Accredited Medical Assistant ProgramsMedical Assistant Programs

There are a variety of medical assistant programs online and in person that have sprung up recently in order to meet the growing demands for medical assistants. This may make it difficult for one to select the best one. However, two accrediting organizations, the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAA-HEP) and Accreditation […]

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Medical Assistant Programs in Chicago

Medical Assistant Programs in Chicagomedical assistant programs in chicago

The following are Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAA-HEP) accredited Medical Assistant Programs in Chicago.   Kaplan University-Chicago Chicago, IL This training program confers the degree Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting after completing the required 92 credits. Core requirements include Communication and Mathematics, while major courses include Introduction to Health […]

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Medical Assistant Programs in NYC

Medical Assistant Programs in NYCmedical assistant programs in nyc

The following are Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAA-HEP) accredited Medical Assistant Programs in NYC. ASA Institute of Business and Computer Tech Inc 81 Willoughby Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 The Medical Assisting program confers an Associate of Occupational Studies degree after the completion 63 semester credit hours spanning a period of […]

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Medical Assistant Programs | CMA Training

Medical Assistant Programs | CMA Trainingcma training

Medical assistant programs usually span a period of four semesters, or two years, and cover a range of coursework designed to train medical assistants in requisite administrative and clinical skills. Additional practical training via two unpaid externships, are also necessary to complete the certified medical assistant, or CMA training program. The only requirements for admission […]

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Medical Assistant Programs in Michigan

Medical Assistant Programs in Michiganmedical assistant training programs in michigan

Medical assistant programs in Michigan may address part of the previously identified shortage in the state’s healthcare workforce. The healthcare industry remains the primary industry in the state of Michigan, and it will continually grow as the population increases and ages. As the industry balloons, it will invariably need a proportionately larger workforce that will […]

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Medical Assistant Programs In Illinois

Medical Assistant Programs In Illinoismedical assistant programs illinois

There are around 25 schools and institutions that offer medical assistant programs in Illinois. Most of them are accredited by either CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) or ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools). A few of the schools are not accredited by either one of them. Although, you may acquire […]

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Medical Assistant Programs Online

Medical Assistant Programs Onlinemedical assistant programs online

If you don’t have time to go to a vocational school or community college in person, you can still get your Medical Assistant Certification Online. Medical Assistant Programs Online are becoming increasingly more popular. It’s easier to take classes online as you can work around your schedule and cut down the costs by not spending […]

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