Medical Assistant Cover Letter for Externship

Medical Assistant Cover Letter for Externship

The medical assistant cover letter for externship is similar to a regular cover letter, except emphasis must be placed on your qualifications for externship, i.e. you have completed all the requisite courses in a duly accredited training program. An effective cover letter is short, simple, grammatically correct, and professional-looking. It should contain all the information needed to qualify you for the externship. A sample cover letter follows.

Alice A. Keys

240 West 35th Street

18th Floor

New York, NY 10001

(555) 555-5555


February 14, 2012


Jack Black, MD

General Manager

Black & White Polyclinic

1234 Main Street

New York, NY 12222


Dear Mr. Black:


I am interested holding my clinical practicum at your institution, as it has an excellent reputation of providing relevant externships to past medical assistants. I expect to graduate and receive my diploma this June 2011, from the New York University, and have received more than satisfactory rating in all of the required course work required

I am exceedingly adept at word processing and medical transcribing using a variety of software, and am very meticulous when it comes to record keeping, filing, and accounting. I am very comfortable performing various clinical tasks such as obtaining accurate medical histories, taking patient vital signs, performing blood extractions, and applying splints and bandages, among other. Furthermore, I have also received certification in Basic Life Support and first aid training last year.

I have excellent interpersonal communication skills, and have a working knowledge of conversational Spanish. My proficiency in both organization and time management enables me to multitask with relative ease. Finally, I am very open to learning all that I possibly can during the course of my externship.

Enclosed are my externship application, resume and recommendations for your review. I welcome the opportunity to gain further clinical experience and to further hone my skills at your esteemed establishment. You may contact me any time at (555) 555-555 or email me at


Thank you for your time and have a great day.


Awaiting a positive response,



Alica A. Keys