How to Present a Medical Assistant Resume That Will Catch a Potential Employer’s Eye!

medical assistant resume

A medical assistant resume must be able to concisely present your qualification, credentials and skills in a manner that addresses each specific requirement as described in the job posting. After you’ve formulated and edited your content as well as selected the type of resume to use, you must present your resume in a way that will catch your potential employer’s eye.

Layout. Your resume should have an uncluttered and consistent layout and flow that is easy to scan. Remember that hiring personnel usually spend less than a minute scanning medical assistant resumes the first time around, thus the optimal resume length is one page. Keep this in mind when selecting the font (the simpler the better), the font size (10 to 12 point), and the font style (bold or italicized only for headings and subheadings). Avoid crowded text by editing your content, and extending resume length to two pages maximum, if absolutely necessary. Highlight headings and subheadings simply by altering font style and/or using all capital letters. Use single line spacing within each paragraph and double line spacing after every paragraph. Use the tab button to make sure paragraphs are aligned, and don’t forget to justify your text. Ensure the types of bullets used are consistent and aligned throughout your resume. Use 0.7 to 1 inch margins all around, however if you cannot fit in all the text comfortably, you may use 0.5 inch margins instead. Lastly, if you do use two pages, include your full name and page number at the top of the second page of the resume.

Paper. The paper you use for your medical assistant resume should be unobtrusive and easy on the eyes. The most practical type of paper is a good quality white bond paper, although you may also use off-white, beige, cream or light tan paper that photocopies easily. If you opt to use thicker paper, make sure that your printer will be able to print on it. The paper dimensions should be 8.5 by 11 inches.

Printing. Use laser jet printers for crisper and cleaner printing quality. As much as possible, avoid the use of too much color unless strictly necessary. Furthermore, it is better to print out multiple copies of your medical assistant resume rather than photocopying them for different job applications. If you must photocopy, make sure to test photocopy the original resume to ensure that it photocopies clearly before you make multiple copies. Always proofread the text content and layout before printing out the final resume.

Packaging. Enclose your cover letter and medical assistant resume in an envelope large enough to avoid folding the paper. Avoid stapling the sheets of your resume.