How To Become a Registered Medical Assistant

So, you want to learn How to Become a Medical Assistant that’s registered?   The Registered Medical Assistant or RMA certification is a national credential that is offered by the American Medical Technologists or AMT. Medical Assistants are not required to be licensed so taking the exam is voluntary. However, getting your RMA is beneficial for salary and job advancement.  In fact, even though it’s not required by law, many employers do require that you are a certified medical assistant or a registered medical assistant.

 The Registered Medical Assistant Exam:

The RMA exam can be scheduled any day except for Sundays and holidays. There are over 200 testing locations throughout the United States and Canada.  In order to take the exam, you have to have graduated from a medical assistant course that’s accredited by the ABHES or by CAAHEP. You are also allowed to take the exam if you have worked as a medical assistant for five years but have not attended a course.  The registered medical assistant exam fee is $95 and it includes your first year of dues.

What Does the Registered Medical Assistant Test Cover?

The RMA exam covers administrative skills, clinical skills and general skills. Each test is over 200 questions and you are allowed 3 hours to take the paper-based test and 2 ½ hours to take the computer-based test. You must get at least a 70 to pass. You can get practice exams on AMT’s website or in bookstores. These are the two best RMA Exam Book and CMA Exam Books available. Each book covers both of the exams.


Registered Medical Assistant Certification:

You must recertify every year but taking continuing education classes and paying your yearly dues. Your yearly dues provide you with a quarterly magazine called AMT Events that discuss the Medical Assistant profession. The dues also go towards national, state and local meetings that the AMT puts on and towards continuing education classes that you are required to take in order to maintain your Registered Medical Assistant certification. The AMT has a point system that is used to prove that you are compliant with the continuing education requirements. You are required to earn 30 points per year.  The points are earned by continuing education classes, employer evaluations, and formal education.

Registered Medical Assistant Salary:

Registered Medical Assistants can expect to earn more than Medical Assistants that are not RMAs or CMAs. Having your RMA will also help with getting job promotions.

Hopefully, this was informative on how to become a registered medical assistant. We also have articles on how to become a certified medical assistant and general articles about medical assistant programs and schools.