Certified Medical Assistant Resume

Certified Medical Assistant Resume The certified medical assistant resume is essentially the same as the usual medical assistant resume except that you include information regarding your certification as a medical assistant in either a separate section or under education. The sections of the certified medical assistant are usually presented in the following order.

The first section of the certified medical assistant resume is the main header, which contains your full name, your temporary and permanent address, your contact numbers for land line and mobile phones, a fax number, if applicable, and your official email address.

This is usually followed by an optional specific career objective in functional or skill-based resumes. This consists of a brief statement that identifies the main goal of your application, such as, “To obtain a permanent position as a medical assistant.” Its equivalent in the chronological resume is the qualifications summary, where you may opt to briefly describe your qualifications in a sentence, followed by several concise bulleted statements that itemize your skills and proficiencies, especially those that will not be singled out when you describe the various tasks and responsibilities entailed by each job you had in the past.

The section on education follows, and should list down the names and locations of your schools and training programs, either the date of graduation or the time encompassed, the degree title conferred, and relevant awards or honors, if applicable. In this section you may opt to include information regarding your certification as a medical assistant, such as year acquired. However, if you want to include other relevant certification, such as certification in basic life support, phlebotomy etc., you can create a separate section for certification alone.

The subsequent main section depends on the type of resume you write. For chronological resumes, this can be designated ‘Work Experience’, ‘Related Experience’, ‘Professional Experience’ or ‘Career Experience’ where you present relevant past employment history, detailing your job title, your employer, the period of time you held that position, and the tasks and responsibilities each job entailed. For functional resumes, this section would be termed ‘Relevant Skills,’ and the subheading would include your pertinent skills, followed by particular examples of each. Again, the strength of your certified medical assistant resume can be increased by beginning each statement with words of action, and citing specific examples where your skills and abilities directly benefited your employer.

These main sections can be followed optional sections such as Volunteer History, Awards, Achievements and Honors, Professional Affiliations, and Continuing Medical Education. Include pertinent information under these headings in your certified medical assistant resume if you know that it can contribute to improving your chances at getting an interview.  When doing so, keep in mind that your certified medical assistant resume must be limited to one to two pages only.

Finally, do not include your photograph, age, birth date, marital status, religion, and your list of professional references in your certified medical assistant resume. For the latter, you should only enclose your list if it has been specifically requested in the job posting.