10 Tips for Writing an Eye Catching Medical Assistant Resume

Medical Assistant Resume        Since the medical assistant resume plays a vital role in securing a job interview for possible employment, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure you draft the best resume possible. The following are tips for writing an eye-catching medical assistant resume.

First and foremost, you have to select the best type of resume for the type of job at hand. If you are applying for a medical assistant post for which you have extensive relevant work experience, the recommended type of resume is the chronological resume. This resume traditionally includes a specific career objective, and allows you to highlight your pertinent employment experience by listing them in reverse chronological order with their respective attendant job descriptions. If you’re work history is too lengthy, include only the most recent and appropriate job experiences. If, however, you are applying for a post for which you have little or no legitimate or paid work history, then the skills-based or functional resume will allow you to emphasize relevant skills instead of previous employment history. Knowing which resume is the most appropriate for each particular job application is a basic first step towards writing an effective medical assistant resume.

Second, once you’ve decided on the type of medical assistant resume you will write, you should allot adequate time for you to decide on the relevant content as well as finalize layout and resume flow. Writing a medical assistant resume requires complete focus and attention in order to avoid commonly encountered mistakes.

Third, the content of your medical assistant resume should be dependent on the job requirements for each posting. Instead of including all of your previous jobs or all your skills, you should carefully select those that will be able to adequately and specifically address the demands of the job in question and write them down for review.

Fourth, since medical assistant resumes are usually only scanned briefly by hiring personnel, it is best to limit your medical assistant resume to one to two pages at most. This necessitates the careful perusal and review of the initial list of possible resume contents in order to decide which critical information to include so that the entire text will be able to fit comfortably within the pages.

Fifth, aside from the technical skills and abilities relevant to the job posting, other skills you should underscore in your medical assistant resume include excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical and organizational abilities, an excellent work ethic, the capacity to work effectively in a team, initiative, as well as aptitude in problem-solving and decision-making.

Sixth, to enhance your resume’s impression and impact, use strong but concise declarative statements when itemizing your skills and proficiencies.  Avoid using personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘me’, and start each phrase with action words. Don’t forget to support your claims by promoting and quantifying the best example of a positive outcome that came about as a direct result of those said skills and abilities.

Seventh, once you are satisfied with the content of your medical assistant resume, type it out using a simple but effective format. Use easy-to-read font in point size 10 to 12, and highlight headings and subheadings using different font styles such as bold face and/or italics. Make sure everything is properly aligned, and that any bullets used are uniform throughout the body. A margin of 0.5 to 1 inch on all sides must be used. For two-page resumes, place your name as a header on the second page, together with page number.

Eighth, make sure to avoid including unnecessary information in your medical assistant resume. These would include age, date of birth, religion, marital status, high school, height, weight, and even your photograph. Other resume writing experts also advise not to include the phrase “References available upon request,” since this is apparently already implied. A list of references must not be automatically included in your medical assistant resume unless you have been told explicitly to include them. In this case, prepare a list of three to five dependable individuals who have already been primed to become your references beforehand.

Ninth, after printing your first draft, do an initial line by line proofreading and editing. Make the necessary revisions in the draft, and then ask a trusted friend or even a professional to proofread your resume a second time. Be open if valid suggestions are made, since every little thing to make your medical assistant resume stand out must be considered.

Lastly, once your medical assistant resume has been written and modified to your satisfaction, print out copies using 8 by 11.5 inch good quality paper in a white or light neutral color. As much as possible, avoid photocopies. Keep in mind that your cover letter and medical resume must be printed out on the same type of paper. Enclose your application papers in an envelope large enough to preclude the need to fold the pages. Do not staple the pages.